10 Ways to Use Phone Dialing Software For Better Telemarketing Results

Phone dialing software can make the tasks you do with customer lists much easier. You can have all of your business contacts' phone numbers at hand with the click of a button. You won't miss a single sales call ever again. Your employees will be so glad to know that you made this decision to implement phone dialing software in your business. It streamlines your contact management system and makes it easy for you to manage your contacts and communicate with your salespeople.

Features to make sure compliance with Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and other applicable regulations: The software automatically dials outbound numbers as requested by the customer, which is critical if the customer calls the wrong number. The phone dialing software can also use area codes to identify the local time zone of the calling party and to ensure you do not call outside of permissible hours. You should also make sure that your phone dialing software also allows for easy and quick updates on your Do Not Call List. With an integrated Do Not Call List, you can be better prepared for any possible phone calls from potential customers who are trying to avoid doing business with you.

Enhance your calling process: If you use power dialer software for telemarketing, you will be able to: send pre-written scripts for different kinds of calls - whether it's to purchase a product, inquire about a service or refer a friend. This means you do not need to be present when your prospect hangs up, and your scripts can be as personalized as you want them to be. You can easily set custom calling rates, so your prospects will never receive a high call volume nor be overburdened with messages. Your calls will be timely and your voiceover agents will always be clearly audible.

Improve customer service by implementing an interactive voice response system. IVR systems are integrated phone dialing software that offers a customized, personalized experience when contacting a prospective client. IVR systems allow customers to record specific questions, ask short questions, leave messages for a later date or simply ask for the company's information. Interactive Voice Response systems (IVR) provide a better option than cold calling as it gives your prospects a chance to ask any question they want and you get a positive response much faster than if you were calling with a standard telephone script. You can also make your IVR much more reactive by setting specific options like speed, wait for time, or language selection, which gives your telemarketers more control and gives them more ways to interact with your prospect.

Automatically dials phone numbers: Using this power-dialer software for telemarketing greatly reduces the amount of time you spend dialing the wrong number. The auto dialer system can automatically dial outbound numbers, forward calls to you, or keep them in a queue so you don't have to. You can set the level of interaction you want from your auto dialer so it never sounds like an automated machine, and you can easily fine-tune it to only forward calls to your specified phone numbers or automate multiple calls with various call options.

Increase your sales conversion rate: When you use phone dialing software for telemarketing, your prospects are given the option to opt-in or not. With an auto-dialer system, you can increase your opt-in rate by simply having the software send them an email immediately when they hit on the "submit" or "finish" button. Your current phone system will not allow this as it has a built-in finite number of phone attempts before it will accept the caller into the database. Check out this post that has expounded on the topic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_dialer.

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